Know the Significance of the Quran

The highest authority or ultimate independence which is above all rules, is sovereign and superanus converges to a single word called ‘Monarch’. The orders, words or any signal coming from monarch is ultimate and final. Tajweed

The divine message of lord of the worlds is above all and hence sovereign to all the messages. As a famous proverb: The sayings of the king, is king of all sayings. The divine words are from our Supreme Monarch and therefore we should read the divine words with the emotions of love, admiration, awe and respect.

In our world, people describe their dignity, nobility and goodness by means of family, lineage and other similar gears.

The Quran is the source of nobility, dignity and pride for you, and for whole Ummah. Anything related to it whether it is reading, memorizing, teaching, acting, or any other similar activity, confers an honour upon whole Ummah. The dignity, majesty and splendour of the divine words is perpetual, unbounded and eternal.

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